1. How can I be your official distributor or get authorized?

You can send us email at export@enchen.cn, we will assign a sales person to contact you for further discussion.


2. What is your marketing support to expand brand influence?

In order to motivate our distributors, expand brand influence and sell more products in each market, we always offer various marketing supports to distributors. Please contact our sales person to get more information.


3. I like your design and want to cooperate on OEM/ODM basis, is that possible?

Yes, we owns the design and factories thus we could do that. However we have internal evaluation procedure, to make sure the business meets MOQ of each production and is for long-term cooperation. We again, are looking for brand distributors in different countries.


4. Are you a sub-brand of one famous brand in China?

No, ENCHEN is an independent brand 100% fully owned by ourselves. Our products indeed sell very well and very popular on the platform and the circles.


5. Do you have certificates or quality inspection?

Yes, we have CE, RoHS, FCC certificates for all products. We also have dozens of inspectors working in different positions, incoming materials, onsite, end product, and random checking in warehouse.


6. What is your warranty period?

We offer 12 months warranty on products.


7. What is your After-Sales Policy?

We offer certain percentage of spare parts for service. For the details, please contact us at export@enchen.cn.


8. I am an individual consumer, can I buy from your website or factory directly?

Sorry, we only communicate with business partners directly, not for retailing. We have distributors in over 80 countries, please search on local on-line and off-line channels.